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August 2014 

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Like, ya, do.

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“In the first episode, we meet Sash and Hez, a mother and daughter whose relationship is like Rory and Lorelai’s if the taps in Stars Hollow flowed free with tequila and terrible choices.” The women of She Does The City are such betches.

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Canadian lifestyle blog In a Nutshell.

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CBC Punchline digs us.

January 2014

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Trailer #1 on She Does The Citaaaayyyyyy. 

July 2013

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Our writer/director/mega-babe Lindsay Tapscott was featured on She Does The City because she’s megs talented and babely. 

August 2013

Creator, producer, co-writer and co-star Katie Nolan was interviewed for the CBC’s “All In A Weekend” program. Check out her pretty lil’ voice here.